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Hello all

New to the forums and would like to ask for some advice.

I've started freelancing on a part-time basis as a uni student. I develop small websites and visual identities for clients mostly.
However recently I've been lucky enough to work with some clients on larger budgets than what I'm used to.

I've created all the legal stuff like terms & conditions or contracts.

I'd like to send a briefing document to some of these clients so they might fill in the details on their branding goals.
What format do you suggest? ie word, online form etc

I was toying with the idea of an interactive PDF, but it turns out you can't enter data into text fields then save with Acrobat Reader (not pro)

I would go for an online form personally and simply send them a link to it in an email

If you've got acrobat pro you can allow users with only reader to save your form no problem. Not sure if you meant you don't have pro or the end user
Online form on your site that emails you is easy enough to implement, or you can use Google forms, or any other survey sites to create a form. There was a thread recently about interactive PDFs/invoices, give the forum a search and see if you can dig it up.
Thanks for the replies

I have acrobat pro however my end users are unlikely to.
I will probably implement an online form as you suggest. Some of the client's responses will be quite long if there's a connection error they might lose some changes, but that's the case with anything i suppose.

Just wanted to explore all the possibilities before moving forward.

I like the google form suggestion as that outputs into a spreadsheet IIRC. Might give that a test also :)
You can still go the pdf route if it's better

As long as you have pro you can let the end user (with only reader) complete and save the form and have a button on there that boots up their email app with your address already filed in.

As least that way if it is a complex form they can save and go back to it easily