Choosing between master studies - Luca art school in Brussels vs Alto in Helsinki


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Hello everyone,
I am not a designer but my brother is.
He recently got accepted both to Luca art school in Brussels and Alto in Helsinki on a masters program. He is having a tough time in making a decision and I would like to help him maybe somehow. So I would be great full for any given advice.
He finds Brussels more appealing as a city, both in terms of climate and size. It also seems to him, Brussels being a bigger city might offer more opportunities. In Brussels the masters is also shorter, just one year which he feels better about, it is two years in Alto.
On the other hand Alto is very high ranking as a design school (top ten) and there is a possibility he could do an exchange. He is into fine arts and furniture design and Alto deals a lot in furniture design, though not his program (graphic design) but it would be possible for him to have access to it as well.
So he is in a big dilemma. On one end, one city seems more appealing and with a shorter program, on the other a higher ranking school.
Any advice is welcome, in form of a message, a link or a direction to what to research and look for.
Thanks everyone


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I very much doubt any of the regulars on this forum, who are primarily from the United Kingdom and/or Ireland, have any experience with those universities.

All I can say is he needs to be the one making the decision, at the end of the day he's the one going to these cities, living there and doing the courses etc.

From a personal perspective, I actually chose not to go to one university I applied to purely on the fact I didn't like the city (it was Coventry for those interested) and because I was going to be there for up to 4 years that was, for me, a bigger factor than the supposed 'rank' of a university.