- Retro sweets website review please!

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Dear all,

Firstly, a big hello, this is my first post on the forum and I wanted to say hello and introduce myself! My name is Dom, I dabble in web design and have just launched a site for a client selling retro sweets.

I hoped, with the collective experience and knowledge on this forum you wouldn't mind spending five minutes casting your eye over the site from a design and technical perspective and offer some thoughts or advice.

There are still a few little tweaks to make for FF and IE6 users, however, I am sure I will get around to this in the next few days.

Lastly, my gratitude is never enough, so I have organised with the owner of the site to offer you (and anyone else you wish to give it to!) a 10% discount on the Chewbz website.

Thanks in anticipation... and don't hold back!

Link to main site: chewbz - retro sweets, chocolates, kids toys, grow your own kits
Just realised I forgot the promo code for you!

Please visit the Chewbz website, add your products to the basket and then enter the code:

DIACP10 (case sensitive)

Really like that Dom. Very creative. Love the home button at the top left, with the rollover.

Well presented, fits the style of the site. Did you make it yourself or get it professionally done?