Check this out - Website Critique

Looking good Chris!

I'd say widen your layout another 150-200px and make use of the screen length in order to accommodate more content and save users a few clicks.

Good luck.

I like the design of this site, the first thing I noticed was that the header looked distorted - and soon found out why...

The image is 5600px × 400px - and your trying to resize it down to fit in the banner....

Then I was disappointed to see a flash gallery - Flash is evil!

Apart from that I really like it. Nice job.
So should i resize that .png and it wont look pixelated anymore? How can i find out what sixe it should be exactly too?


Resize it to 793px × 56px - which is what your coding is resizing it to.

You want to keep the aspect ratio when your resizing it, so the above size might have to change a pixel or two.

Good looking site. I like the way the blue bar light's up when you navigate. Almost like a neon light!
Cool colour scheme. Looks professional.

Well done!