Cheap/reliable hosting advice please?


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Can anyone recommend a good UK based hosting service for WordPress sites? I've had quite a bad experience so far. :(
That's because you used the word cheap! Cheap & Reliable rarely go hand in hand :icon_smile:

Don't have anyone to recommend unfortunately as we have a dedicated server, although sure others will be along with some suggestions for you.
I’m not if you want Wordpress specific hosting (although you can certainly install Wordpress on the webspace using the automatic installer thingy) but I’ve just switched to these guys:

cPanel Hosting UK | Cheap Domain Names | Free R1Soft | UK Virtual and Dedicated Servers - Vidahost Fast UK Web Hosting

And yes they are cheap, and so far extremely reliable and also surprisingly helpful considering the price you pay. They transferred all my websites/email accounts from my previous host for me within about 15 minutes of asking! Which beats waiting days for my previous (cheap) US hosting company.
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The place I work offers websites and they are all WP, the gaffer uses Heart and it is p1ss-easy to set it up, has a one-click button type jobby