changing of awards logo


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Ok so I'm finding this frustrating and I would like to know others opinions.

Basically some of our clients win awards, we then need to place those awards logos on website/letterheads etc. My Creative Director is VERY OCD, (and tbh not too sure how much agency work he has done before setting up his own business).

Anyway he wants to change a supplied logo we have from the awards body to match the clients... I strongly disagree with this decision and would like some advice on how to get my point across as he NEVER listens to me, and this isn't the first time we have changed a logo to sit with a clients.

Would any of you change a supplied logo to sit with a clients?



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That's a definite NO I would have thought. I've seen a lot of crappy awards logos in my time, but I wouldn't dream of altering them. Unless you get permission
from the awards body and even then you'd need a very good reason.

Paul Murray

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Have a look and see if the awarding body have any brand guidelines or restrictions available. Normally the first thing you come across is a page telling you not to squash/stretch/rotate/tweak a logo. If it were me I'd express my concerns but if that's what they want just let them take the flak for it.

Changing a logo design, I generally wouldn't do or advise (unless it's so bad the vector needs tidying up). But I'll argue (often literally with corporate 'brand guardians') until I'm dead that designers should be allowed to change the colour of such logos to match the design's theme.