Celebrity Re-Brand


Hi Guys 3 months in too my Degree at uni , and its been ages since iv been one here.

Got a distinction in my first brief which was titled "You Brief"
So happy days!.

My Next project is a Celebrity Re-brand, Basically take a Celebrity and totally re-brand them. Through advertising campaigns, Product launches etc.

Just wonder if you guys have any suggestions, Im not asking for someone to do it, Just need some suggestions
before i come up with what im going to do!

Some good input guys! I like the Russel Brand idea, Katie Price and Paris Hilton i dont think are original enough, i reckon its something everyone will think of doing!

Keep Going though, Someone i can really work with!

Thanks guys, Well Appreciated :icon_rolleyes:
Do you really want a challenge?
If you really want to get a debate going during a critique pick some one really heinous!

Nick Griffin! (the BNP Leader) if you can make that horrible man seem marketable you really are a genius!