Caution sign in Illustrator (colour picker)

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I have a logo in CMYK which I have converted to RGB and now I want to change the colour of some text to #009EE2, whenever I do I get a caution sign next to the colour on the colour picker screen, whenever I save the changes that blue isn't the RGB values I have selected, any ideas as Illy is not something I am experienced in?


But isn't out of gamut for a range of colours that cannot be produced accurately when converting from RGB to CMYK? I am working in RGB and the image I have in photoshop allows that specific RGB colour value, it just won't allow it to be adjusted and saved in Illustrator.

If this helps, the image link is below, the colours I need for the text should be #91489c and #009EE2

Can anyone get this to save?

Any help is greatly appreciated :icon_smile:
Could it be that they're not websafe colours? For #91489c try #993399. and for #009EE2 try #0099CC
I still don't get this, I can save a file in photoshop to those exact colour values, upload it online, do a screen grab and open it in photoshop and with the colour picker it shows the exact RGB colour I want, yet in Illustrator it will not allow me to change to that specific colour, any other ideas?
Have you tried using the rgb values rather than hex? it could be something as simple as the way illustrators colour pallet is calibrated. After that, I am at a complete loss!
I can make the #91489c 'stick' but the blue changes to #1D9DD8!! Do you want me to send you that?

Yeah that's what's bugging me though, why won't it change to what we specify exactly, I have other images created in photoshop that have and are displayed online, I was just being anal that the logo colour must match the rest of the website exactly, if you don't mind Kate please email it over (many thanks)

...and if anyone knows why this happened let us know.