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Thanks, truth behind it is I only meant to do a section of it and ended up doing the whole lot. I did start doing a view of St Pancras from Primrose Hill, but I'm buggered if I can find it now.


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The illustrators as artists

The level of competency with illustrator, paint and photoshop work that i turning up is amazing.

It does make me wonder how long it takes to do digital work of this quality and if the work was done by hand (airbrush, paint) would it be more efficient.

Also if the work was produced by hand would it carry more kudos and be regarded as a GENUINE work of art. Like in the early days of photography and even photography now the recognition of artistic content in digital work is still not regarded as valid outside of the digital world, this is a shame because these illustrators / artists have a true talent and passion that deserve to be recognised.


Must admit if you have a cutter to do the bulk of your masks and that sort of stuff, I always find using a real airbrush faster than the digital kind, and I always feel I have more control with the real thing.

Digital airbrushing is a lot easier to fix your cock ups, I must admit.


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I like the image showing the meshes, I'd like to see more of her stuff. I think that the technique you learn in doing photorealistic stuff like this could be very interesting when applied to other design work. I might attempt some myself in the future just as a learning project.


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Some amazing illustration out there - real talent. Mark Wilkinson who did a lot of Marillion album covers does a lot/most of his stuff now digitally. You have to be an real artist in order to be able to do it anyway.


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A lot of vector illustration work has been replaced by CGI - especially for cars, motorbikes etc
The results are truly photorealistic and it can be much quicker and more flexible. There's nothing like producing a great vector illustration and then the client asks to see the subject from another angle... you have to start all over again. WIth CGI, you just move the virtual camera, hit render and you're done


Extremely talented I'd agree, but whats the point, couldn't you just take a picture?:icon_smile:

But these ones can be blown up to billboard size without losing any quality :icon_biggrin:

Very impressive work, the Angelina Jolie one is brilliant.

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Honestly, I think alot of this kind of thing is not for production as a saleable service, but more for the art and achievement factor.

But I guess there must be some clients that would appreciate this sort of work. Maybe that they would have so much control over the outcome of the picture, and still be scaleable?

I cant see myself putting enough time to learn the mesh tool like that, but I admire the knowledge. As someone said above, I bet they really learn a lot about composition and the nature of colour from this work.


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I have had my moments when I have tried to be productive with the mesh tool. So far this is the only thinig I am reasonably happy with :icon_blushing:


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