Catalogue Printing Quotes Required


Hi guys,

I'm looking for a very rough approximate quote for printing a catalogue.
As the design is still in the basic changes, it will no doubt differ in a month.
Nonetheless, it should give me a good idea of basic costs.
Budget won't be an issue (first and only time I may ever be able to say this!)

So here goes:

1st example: Quote for 500 & 1000
Quote for A4 & A5
128 page
4 Colour
Perfect Bound

No idea about stock yet but looking for a nice luxurious feel.
Heavier soft cover.
Possible addition of a spot colour on the cover.
Possible addition of embossing on the cover.

Getting way ahead of ourselves at this stage but it means that with some basic idea of pricing then we can consider limitations (or hopeful lack of) along the way.
if someone can either quote an approximate by PM, or point me in the direction of some good quality printers in the UK that would be amazing.

Embossing osssh that won't be cheap :)

Yes. Yes that's true..
Doesn't hurt to find out when the budget is within reach :)

This is probably the most print budget restriction-free thing I will ever get to design so I'm allowing myself to consider such things.
I'm a big fan of inkless embossing so it's also good to find out for future reference as well even if I don't use it for this particular brief.