Cartoon of Grand daughter


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I am looking for someone to be able to do a cartoon of my grand daughter from a selection of photos i will provide. The cartoon must be done in in illustrator.

I am looking for something similar to this


I can certainly help with this project.

Here are some recent examples of character illustrations/logos I've designed.

Eco Vehicle Leasing – Logo Design | Dot Design

The Internet Marketing Guy – Logo Design | Dot Design

Parrot Hosting – Logo Design | Dot Design

If you could drop me a PM with you're email address I'll send through all the details on the process and guide price.
I'm on the train at the moment, responding from my phone :)
The artwork would be drawn in illustrator (vectors)

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Cartoon Styling

I'd be happy to create something for you in a cartoon style :)

You can see some of my previous illustrative works at - in a range of different styles (vector illustrations yes). Get in touch via Contact Truly Ace Graphic Design

I think this style below is the style I've created in previously that most closely resembles the cartoony feel you are looking for. Some of my other samples are more 'realistic' and adult looking.


I can of course draw your design closer in style to the sample you've given.


Hi, I am willing and able to do a great picture for you, can do it cartoony in the style you've asked for. Bright, colourful, eye catching and adorable.

I've had a lot of experience in turning photos into cartoon style images. My portfolio is online at Home - Knight Time Creations ~ Illustrations so you can see what I've done before.

Please get in touch if you're interested in using my services. :)

All the best,

Jack Knight.


Wellll if dot2 is on the case I feel a bit redundant here :icon_biggrin:

Anyway just to add into the mix, I would be happy to tackle this project for you. I have traditional hand illustration skills ... you know that old fashioned pencil type malarchy as well as my vector based work.

If you want any further info please drop me a PM.