Canova Dual Touch Screen Laptop


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Who's heard of the Canova Dual Touch Screen Laptop?

I recently stumbled accross this laptop... and now i just can't stop looking at it! It just looks so awesome and i would love to see it in real life. I've tried to find out more info about this model, and read somewhere that it's released in 2010.. but there doesnt seem to be much information about it yet :icon_thumbdown:

Its designed by an italian company V12 Designs, and supposadly Estari where going to manufacture it. This is some INFO that i found... its a little back dated but theres quite a bit of detail and images.

I was wondering if anyone else has heard of it and maybe knows a little more information?

dot design

Does look very interesting, I'd have thought that a touch laptop isn't far away as this tech gets more affordable and more accessible. Not sure I could work on one all day though.


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I personally love touchscreen. I have one of the HP touchscreen laptops... the only bad thing is they don't last for too long, i've had mine two and a half years and i need a new one now, need to save up...

But this just looks so stylish and also would be great to work with... especially for designers! I hope they don't just release only in certain countries though, that would suck.
It looks rather swish, although I have a phobia of touch screens. Very clumsy you see, and so I would no doubt break something, if not, the whole thing. And you don't want to see what I'm capable of with a cup of tea, lethal!

Just looking at the pictures from the link, I swear it has like 30 usb ports?


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I think that's just the way the screen twists so from different angles it looks like there are loads lol

The fact that there's so little info out there and hardly any publicity tells me that it most probably won't be out this year :( unless they bring it out right at the end...