Can I charge my employer for giving them a client?


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I have recently joined an agency as a senior designer and have mentioned that with my assistance they could approach a client i worked with previously. As a creative employee, what terms should be set? Do i ask for a finders fee etc?

I'm surpised this question has been raised. What is being described is what my team (graphic designers / printers) do regularly - the success of the company brings financial reward, job security, salary levels, etc.

To me, it is all about the long term success and growth of the company.

Agree also with Gemma 100%.
Unless you have a deal with an employer that rewards you for finding business as an incentive to build the company than you cannot charge finders fees as long as you are employed (PAYE) with them. if you are free lance you are within your rights to charge but this should be agreed before you hand over the information and certainly not afterwards. If you have leads you can always service them yourself.

I run a reward scheme for customers or anybody that provides me with a successful lead that results in a confirmed sale for one of my web design firms and it has helped us in our first year Boss Logic web design we credit clients with £35 and £50 to anyone who gets us a web site design job. (this is an open offer so feel free to contact me with work and claim your £50 for successful leads).