Can anyone advise pls? Printing indelible product labels


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Hi there, wonder if you can help?

We're a small company that manufactures bath & body products.

Up to now, we've always printed product labels in-house (on card), however, we now have a few products where our Xerox Phaser just doesn't cut it.

Biggest problem seems to be typically, for goods in transit, where on some products the toner rubs off the labels.

We currently print onto paper and adhesive (paper) labels but would like to be able to print onto plastics as well.

Question is, can any recommend a solid, reliable printer that can print happily onto different media (plastics and paper) but indelibly?

Is there a particular name for any printers falling into this niche? If poss, would also be good to run some comparisons/reviews if there is.

Thanks for your advice.

Ps/ did try some searches to see if this topic had been covered but couldn't find anything, so apologies if this has already come up...