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Already started to build a Jurca Mustang Replica. Looking for a volunteer who can draw for free for me parts from PDF files in DWG/DXF in order to continue to cut them on the CNC and assemble them. Many thanks. I had many sponsors who helped for free during this project. If you wish to join, let me know.294513658_2273211892828345_6572867806222024801_n.jpgIMG-20220714-WA0003.jpg
You clearly didn't learn from the thread you started in 2019.... result of previous thread was thread locking and us telling you we don't work for free etc.

You've literally posted 4 times on here and they're all about getting work done for free on a plane of some sort, this time it's a mustang, previously it's a mig-29.

Result of this thread.... moderator saying we don't work for free and then locking the thread.


For anyone considering helping this person I have added a screenshot of the message sent to me shortly after I locked the thread.

They're now banned from the forum for obvious reasons.


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