Buying Help for a new Graphic Design Student


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Hi, I recently started my Degree in Graphic Design and Im considering investing in a Mac Computer. However I have no Idea what to buy. I am going to be using the Adobe Creative Suite and I will be planning on using it for general use too (Just general Internetting).
Im living in Student halls accomodation (dont worry I will have insurance) and I live about 20 minutes away from my Uni where other Mac are available if I want to do some work there. However I will be moving into a private flat next year.
What Im stuck with is the Choice between a MacBook or IMac. I know the benefit of having a MacBook would be it's portability however it has a small screen and it would imagine it would heat up quite easily. On the otherhand I know that if I had an IMac it has a larger screen and would be faster and easier to use. However It's not particularly portable (Because I'd be buying the 27inch one). Also I will be going home for a couple of weeks ever so often (winter/ easter hols) and i'd need to be doing work during then so portability would be a problem.
These are my factor I need to consider. Has anyone got any experience they can share to help me decide on which option is most suitable?

Hi Scott, Welcome to the forum. Being a student, portability is probably going to be your primary concern so a laptop is your best bet! the 15 inch screen on a macbook pro will be ample for what you'll be doing at uni and if you feel you need more screen space when you're working in your room, you can always invest in an additional monitor to connect to the laptop. As for over heating,... Laying in bed once in a while with facebook or a film on wont do it any harm but (as I discovered with my iBook many years ago,) using a laptop on a soft surface (such as a bed) for long periods will lead to over heating and ultimately a fried motherboard (aka new mac time). If you're sensible about where you use your machine and stick to a desk then you should have no issues with heat. If you are still concerned, you can get laptop stands with usb fans for pence on eBay.

I hope this is of some help and good luck on your course.