Business Cards


So a few weeks ago i said I would be getting my cards printed finally!
I used solopress, Everyone so far loves them.......
Now for you guys to tear it apart!
Cheers in advance

400gsm recycled pulp board


Thanks guys! I know it's hard getting it right in print first time, but I think I nailed it! Alot more to come hopefully!

Big thanks to the guys at Solopress!
These look great mate. Recycled paper is a favourite of mine (I can't stand the feel of glossy cards).

Also I definitely read your name as 'Kyle Noon' rather than 'Kyle No-one' :D
very nice , i like the colour scheme, just out of interest how many did you get and for what price?
Loving the feedback!

@Willfu: I got 1000 for £90, In 48 hours as well. I was a bit worried that the outcome couldn't be too good, but thankfully they turned out exactly how I wanted.

Paul, Yeah I think glossy cards are old news these days, matt is definitely the way forward. I wish I could of got some spot uv, being a student though. You know how it is!
Nice site by the way, Fancy giving us a heads up on how you would get started on that?

I like it. It's functional, clean and works. It's all about functionality for me, one thing I hate about some designers sites is flashy graphics thrown all over the place.

Is it a wordpress theme?
Yeah, it's a modified version of 'SEO Basics'.

The about me page is just a regular page created in wordpress but uses a template I wrote which gives a different layout. I like the way it separates my blog and portfolio. I'm generally not a fan of having the sidebar and stuff next to a portfolio.

I'm actually working on a redesign this very second using a theme called Simple Type Simple-Type Demo Site | This Is A Demo Site For The Simple-Type WP Theme
Excellent, I like type in web!

Any good sites for beginners? I've looked at wordpress a few times and even the 'famous'
5 minute install seems mad to me?!

I'm not a technaphobe either, thought it would be pretty straight forward. But oh well

A lot of web hosts now give you the option of installing wordpress automatically from your hosting control panel.

WP Beginner might be a good place to start looking for help. If you let me know what you're specifically having trouble with I might be able to point you to some more sites.

WPBeginner - Beginner's Guide for WordPress

The layout of my about page is just basic html/css, no php or wordpress functions (though I wouldn't recommend looking at the code, it's wrong in many places and isn't pretty, hence the redesign). All I did was remove the stuff I didn't want (the sidebar and related functions to display content) and coded the layout manually.