Build a poster for a poster - cash payment!


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I am coming to the end of a course and i would like to do a poster of the instructors and my fellow classmates - this isn't to help me pass/fail the course, it's meant to be a general funny.

However, although i have the design i want in mind, having played about with the idea for a few weeks online and in various progs, i find i am absolutely rubbish at getting my idea into a printable format (I am looking having it printed in room poster size; A3 or bigger).

My theme is a US style yearbook:

dark background
name of my course at the top and dates
Picture of lead instructor - with space for a quote
Picture of 2nd lead instructor - with space for a quote
Picture of 4 x instructor - with space for a quote

Pictures of 12 students with space for a quotes

Underneath all that - a few quotes people have come out with

at the bottom 3 x pictures i have made

various places throughout the poster some other pics i have made.

Time Frame
As soon as possible (certainly within a week - deadline)

The designer would email me a watermarked sample of the work. When it's completed to my satisfaction (perhaps after further revisions I request), I would send payment via Paypal. After receiving payment, the designer would send me the finished work.

The price (£10) is based on the amount of money I'm willing to pay to not have to do this work myself. But, if the designer can provide some objective data—such as links to similar and completed job listings—showing that this work is normally priced higher, I'd be willing to reconsider what a fair price would be.

Purpose and Credit
I have paid for the license to use a larger version of this stock image, and it may not be used or reproduced elsewhere in any form.


And that's about it - anybody want to have a go at this? Getting the resolutions right, correct spacings etc, i am such a noob with this type of thing!

I could afford about £10 (GBP) (paypal gift) if anybody is up for it! If someone is up for it, please let me know and i will email the photos in trust to them.

I did put that i would up the payment - i don't know what this is worth as i have never had to do it/ask for help.
I actually got the work done for £20 from another poster on another site. The 'other' site had a lot more friendly people who were helpful and advised me accordingly seeing as though i had no idea the amount of work and time that went into something i saw as a simple request.

But thanks for your comments, you've just shown to me that i won't be returning to your site again.

Mods - please close/delete the thread - job done!
Why is it that we are one of the few industries that people expect something for nothing? We are expected to put in a days work for people like this that wouldn't accept 20 pounds for a days work themselves. I apologise but my blood is boiling a little.
What an absolute joke! So now somebody has done it for £20 and makes the whole industry look like a joke. How is anybody supposed to compete with that and still be able to feed and cloth themselves?

Brings me onto my next point - the amount of people who have photoshop and assume I can do Graphic Design is just ridiculous. I own a hammer and a saw, yet I don't claim to be joiner! If only we could track these people down and smash their computers into a thousand bits, then we might start getting paid what we are actually worth!

I completely agree mate. And what made me laugh was the way he got angry because we didn't think much of his offer!

It gets me angry, and then I just think - those idiots working for peanuts wouldn't get anywhere near the kind of clients I work for or want to work for. The world of 'graphic designers' who only know photoshop and actually have no design training at all is like a horrible parallel universe that I have no desire to become involved with.