Bubble Gum


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Hey everyone Im a graphic design trainee (sorry for my English) its my first year and I need some help with my homework. I have to Design my own Bubble Gum and have to define a couple points. I need a name for my product, a slogan head and baseline but I have a blockade and no ideas. would anyone like to brainstorm with me?


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We can't do your work for you and it won't help you in the long run. What we can do is critique whatever ideas you come up with and/or
make alternative suggestions.

All I would advise you to do initially is do plenty of research on what's out there at the moment and make notes of why the names and designs work.


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As Wardy rightly says we could do the work for you but wont help you when you have a real life situation. I'd suggest doing a competitor analysis, see what common traits you can see with branding and oppotunities for improvement. Gather all your data then put it out to a forum for their feedback on your results/design. (y)