BT offer Web Design Services

Ages and they are crap (or at least they used to be), had a friends BT (Edit: I mean Yell!) site re-done about 18 months ago as it was rubbish, took ages to get the domain back from them which was registered in BT's (Edit: I mean Yell!) name on his behalf...
I don't know why but this whole service feels really dated to me. Maybe it's the way it's written.

It reminds me of the time when the internet was just becoming popular on a large scale, when people thought simply having a website would allow you to make loads of money online, like those sites where 'webmasters' (*cringe*) sold advertising space by the pixel.

It was a time when not many people knew what they were doing, hyperlinks were all blue (or purple, if visited), and tables were the standard for laying out a design. Also, giving out your name on the internet meant you could be hacked and people could steal all your money and stuff, apparently.

It was like a geeky Wild West.