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Hi all,

I have a client whom i designed a logo for and is currently having a website built by our company.
She has now asked me to design her brochure for her as she has seen other pieces of my work and likes my creativity:icon_smile:

This is fab news for me but as i am new to the graphic design field and learning as i go what sort of price would i charge for this kind of work? I have never done anything this big before and would appreciate any advice that could be offered:icon_biggrin:
Take a look at this link which shows what your hourly rate should be taking into account your business/personal expenditure (this does not take into account your experience/expertise), it's in dollars as it is targeted to the US but you get the idea, being new to design whether you have the skills and experience now to charge the figure it comes up with I don't know....

FreelanceSwitch Hourly Rate Calculator

Good luck.
You can charge what you want if you can justify it and give reasons why your customer should pay you that amount. If you want specifics then these:

-how experienced you are (academically, and in the graphic design industry)
-the quality of your service
-how much your services will actively help the success of the business
-what you feel comfortable charging
-get an idea of what others are charging (some graphic designers actually give estimates on their website, look around)
-dont sell yourself short, ie be cheaper than everyone else just to get the customers attention

customers wont always go for the cheapest, they are after value for their money.
Great response

Excellent spot on response from JMC.

Pricing is so difficult, you can only find out over time by following that advice and through trial and error about what you can get away with charging.

Freelance switch may help you find out what hourly rate you want to charge, but if you are inexperienced, whether you can actually charge it and attract clients is another matter, so definitely check out what other designers of a similar standard of design are charging.

As freelance work, I design small (A6) booklets for local council. theyre normally around 45-55 pages. copy supplied. I source all images and put together any adverts within the books. £650 + costs (eg stock images).