Britain's Trillion Pound Horror Story


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Didn't see it but I know that UK was about to go into meltdown when we bailed the banks out. . . if we hadn't bailed them out it would have been disaster. And what do the banks do? Hang onto the money, don't lend it to small businesses, hike up the interest rates to business by horrendous amounts, don't cut their pay or bonuses, and, by golly, now they're back in the black! And we wonder what's wrong. . .

I probably ought to look at the programme!

Dave L

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I watched this yesterday and found a lot of the detail interesting. I felt, however, that certain ideas such as the notion that services provided by the state are necessarily characterized by the worst excesses of the old Soviet Union and that similar provision guided the profit motive always produces something better (and better for society) made me a bit suspicious of some of the arguments and information being presented.


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Yeah I saw a bit of this, it is actually shocking, how the people who are effectively in charge of this country can mess up so badly, I realise that the economy is hard to control, if impossible but this much debt seems out of line, I wonder where all our Tax goes to, everytime you buy a newspaper it's taxed, surely that must go into someones back pocket rather then towards helping with the debt.:icon_wink:
Not my pocket that's for sure.. haha