branding Help Please!

I don't drink Pimms either but I filled out the survey the best I could. As for the logos, in all honesty I could not choose any of them. Even with just my basic knowledge of the Pimms brand, none of them work properly as a logo design or should I say re-design. The problem is, you are not giving me much to choose from, as you have far too many of the same logos repeated over and over again, with very slight changes. What you need to do is give us maybe 4 logos max, for each page, that are completely different from one another, as currently you have used 3/4 fonts and just repeated them over and over again for every single design idea. Same with the colour, I understand Pimms brand is red, but how about using a different tone of red for a design and maybe throw in a wildcard and change from red to blue for an ice lolly design?
I agree with CLHB, far too many to choose from, and not enough thought put to it.

Do some research on drinks, make notes, get out a pencil and paper and sketch a few ideas, THEN start thinking about suitable fonts.
You need to think of it as a logo, for a start Pimms would be approximately half the size of the rest of the lettering.