Brand spanking new design!


After two and a half years, I finally redesigned my personal site I launched the original site way back in October 2007, with an updated design in late 2008 and haven’t made any changes since then.

I felt that it was about time to put the previous design in retirement. It is sad to let it go, but there was some problems with it’s flexibility and I think a redesign is a must because web technology is different now (ie. HTML5, CSS3, ect).

What do you think of the new design? I'd love some comments and feedback. Also if you find any mistakes, errors or bugs, please take a minute and report them as it will be much appreciated. Thank you! :icon_thumbup:
Yeah nice work...looks good, nice to also see a link back to the GDF :icon_biggrin::icon_thumbup:

Just doing my bit for the forum :icon_smile:

Thanks for all the great feedback btw guys. It's very much appreciated :icon_notworthy: