Brand guidelines help


Hi All,

I'm working on a branding at the moment and am trying to work out how the logo is going to look on various backgrounds.

The attachment is not the logo and I've not attached it because it's kind of confidential at the moment. However, the real logo does have many colours like the sample. Has anyone any ideas how I can tell the client in the brand guidelines what backgrounds would be suitable and what wouldn't? Black and white seem fairly straightforward, but what about other types?

They're very happy with the logo, but I'm beginning to wonder whether I shouldn't have made it simpler.

Ta :icon_smile:

Have you experimented with the design on different coloured backgrounds so you can see for yourself? Where is it likely to be used? Mock it up digitally or print it (maybe onto acetate?) and have a look at it against different backgrounds. Also try it on photographs to see how it works with a mixed bag of colours.

I'd be concerned about whether the design works in greyscale and black and white, i.e. when photocopied. I would have gone with 3 colours at the most, but without seeing the brief/actual logo it's hard to judge whether more colour is more appropriate :icon_smile: