Bouncing bundle of sleep depravation

Our 2nd bambino is now out in the real world. That's 2wo pinks (the other is 3 &3/4ers). Stocking up on red bull and pro plus as i write. If it gets bad i might put the pro plus in the red bull!!! :icon_biggrin:

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Congratulations, 2 girls? you got it easy! We have a little 2 year old boy and he is a proper little boy, into everything :icon_biggrin:

Can't wait to have more, although I've been told the wedding has to be first (August) :icon_biggrin:

EDIT: September :icon_rolleyes:


Congrats! :icon_biggrin:

I have a 8 year old, a 4 year old, and one due in November........oooh the fun!