Blurred online Graphics... Help

Joe McC

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Hi, I'm doing the graphics for my friends night in Brixton, the poster looks great but all the online stuff for youtube, facebook etc comes out all blurry like this: Hugo Montage - YouTube the original image looks nice and sharp... Probably because I used non web safe colours for the wavey background right? I have no idea how to convert the image, tried sizing down the images. Bit stuck and would really appreciate some help.


Can't help with this problem, but I do like the design. Got any links to the other stuff - posters/fliers etc? Looks really cool.
Are we talking about the image in the YouTube header? It could be that it's a PNG. Try saving it again as a PNG with more colours, or simply as a JPG and see if that helps.
Paul, I'm talking about the big image the 'Cover art' it's all sort of chundery instead of being nice and smooth (which is how it appears when I just view the file). This is my youtube and I was fiddling with loads of different file types so I'm not sure what this one is... Originally I was saving them as jpg's but then I switched to GIFs and they seem to look a bit better. This sort of stuff just seems to happen when I upload to social media sites - Facebook in particular. Usually I work within web colours and the effect is barely noticeable but I made the background without thinking about this in Photoshop and then couldn't replicate it to the same effect so I just stuck with it. Think that's what caused the problem really? Is there anyway to get around this sort of stuff and get your images looking as sharp as they do when you save them, once you've uploaded them?

Thanks for your response - Sorry about the essay

Probably because I used non web safe colours for the wavey background right?

If it was 2001 then maybe but not today unless you have an antique for a workstation. All modern monitors will display 32-bit color in high resolution so that's not it. I'd assume it was the compression. If you are saving as PNG - make sure it's a PNG 32.
Hi Joe,

I can't help you but I have had the exact same problem myself with Facebook and Google+, I've tried a variety of different formats but to no avail. In the end I've put it down to how these sites compress the images when they upload, and then gave up.