Blog site feedback

Mr J

Just wanted some feedback on my blogsite (BLOGGER) ...Its a creative blog that will be mainly used for when I study the 3rd and final year of a design degree this up and coming september (so its not got much work on yet)
I also be posting bits of my personal hobby work/uni projects/photography/art/inspiration and any small freelance projects I get on the side.

Its not a 'major' site, just something for myself to keep me motivated.
let me know what you think and if I could improve it in anyway.


Josella Caci (Creative Blog)
Hi there - first thing I would say is that I certainly wouldn't continue to have your main body copy centrally aligned, it's going to make things very difficult to read for people, and is one of the first rules taught when studying typography.

I also don't understand why you have tabs at the top for photography, graphic design, print, web, art illustration PLUS one for a portfolio. Surely these could all come under portfolio?

It seems to be trying to be more than a blog - more like your personal website, not sure if this is what you were going for?
the portfolio tab is going to be a link and info to my separate 3rd year portfolio site (that everyone has to make when they graduate) a folio that i would send to employers for work experience. THIS blog is just a personal site for my own enjoyment to collect inspiration and showcase a small folio/visual diary of anything creative I do whilst studying. So yes that was exactly the look I was going for.
Maybe to save confusion I should name it graduates folio or something?

However I would take into consideration the type being displayed in the centre, I look at changing that.

Thankyou very much for your advice