BFA Application Projects: Help!


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Hi there this next semester I'm going to finally be applying for the BFA program in design at my art school. I'm busy plugging away putting everything together and writing my essay. My work in design is one of an interest in supporting social causes or charitable organizations the whole Jonathan Barnbrook "Design is a weapon for social change" idea. These are two projects I may be using on my application.

The first project I defiantly will be using but I need to make sure it's absolutely as resolved as it can be before adding it to the body of work. It is a series of flyers done for a soup kitchen ministry for my local church. We designed these to give to homeless people on street corners in place of money (never know what they're going to spend that on). I did an illustration of the back door of the church where a person would enter for the soup kitchen services. "Oh look this is the place" is the idea of using the buidling itself. How could this piece be improved upon? Is the typography working? Is the Illustration alright? What about that stupid trendy ribbon I used for the title?
soup kitchen flyers.jpg

The second is an experimental typography holiday greeting card that uses type as decoration (I took the literal rout with this project). I turned it into a go green message about saving energy by not decorating for the holidays. The image shows the front and back and inside side by side. Should I even include this project on the application? I'm not convinced that it's my best work but it's a design for good message and that is the entire feature of my work.

final cut.jpg

Thank you very much for your feedback.
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