Best web browser for mac

Hi Guys,

Can anyone shed some light on what is the best web browser for mac's.

I've been running google chrome and looking at going back to safari, any thoughts on this or past experiences to help with my decision?

I think Apple would say it's Safari...
Having said that I think it comes down to which browser is best for the user rather than the platform.

Personally I've used Firefox for years, and had no problems at all. I guess it might depends on what you are asking of the browser? Do you need a load of plug-ins and add-ons?
A lot of others will be surprised I use Firefox because they have a favourite of their own or have had bad experiences.
I was always with Firefox until one of the recent (well, perhaps not quite so recent now!) updates started causing problems; lots of lagging, crashing and so on.

Been on Chrome since but I guess they all have their flaws.
Switched to Chrome a while back and haven't used another browser since. There are a few niggling annoyances with it though (not being able to 'hard refresh' pages without going through a menu to empty the cache for example), though this only really affects me when I'm altering a web design.
I use Safari. Never had any issues to be honeset.

I've also got Firefox installed so I can use Firebug when I'm working with web design.