Best sites for freelancing just over the summer?

Im coming up to the end of my 2nd year and have just finished 2 weeks work exp. Happy to say 6 of my pieces of work have been chosen and gone into production over the 2weeks but just wondered how hard it would be to do bits and bobs over the summer just for some extra pocket money?

I know people are struggling to freelance at the moment but is it possible to just do a couple of bits of work over the summer holidays and is there any sites or places that would maybe help me achieve this?

Also does everyone on here have their own live website for portfolio as I only have free portfolio websites and a DA account.

Hope everyones enjoying the weather!

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These are a few sites that you cab earn money from if your ready to be competitive and your designs are chosen from a bunch of people designing for the same money.

or there is a site called Find Freelancers - 22,303 Freelance Jobs on where you make a profile and bid on jobs

Hope this will get you some extra cash over the summer!