Beginner Graphics Tablet


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Hi everyone. I'm hoping that one of you might be able to offer some advice on which first graphics tablet to buy for my daughter. She's currently into drawing Manga but would also want something that could be used to edit photos and that would see her right for a few years. I've been recommended the Wacom Bamboo but looking through the potential options you do seem to get more for your money with Huion. She's only 11 so I'm not looking to spend a fortune, but was considering the Huion 1060 plus. I do notice that it doesn't include a "tilt" function. Not being a designer or artist myself I've no idea how important a function that is. Can anyone help ?


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I would always choose Wacom as they're generally regarded as the best, so I would always say choose the best Wacom you can afford. I've never had
one with a tilt function, always had it flat on the desk and not had a problem.

I think there was one called Intuos Comic but that might be called the Wacom One now, it's so difficult to keep up. Any photo editing software that
comes with the product would be pretty basic so that would depend on whatever software is on your computer etc.


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I had what used to be called a Bamboo by Wacom and it was great.
It was the base model and I think it's been replaced by the Intuos which is a bit confusing.

My Son has a Huion and he says that's pretty cool too.


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Which Huion does he have Scotty ? I've been looking at the 1060 plus and the H610 pro. which has the additional tilt function that the 1060 doesn't.