Before Looking For Work

Tony Hardy

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Hey everyone.

I'm just about to finish my degree course at Leeds Met and I'm trying to make the transition into getting some of my own work in.

Before I start that, what do I need?
There's a lot of talk about contracts, and initial contact etc.

Do you have set email responses for clients outlining the terms and conditions of working together etc?

How do you go about getting that first initial client?

What do you mean getting some of your work in? You mean take on freelance work? I guess you need to introduce yourself to clients and figure out the best way of letting them know who you are first. You only really need to discuses a contact when its clear that the client wants to go ahead with the job. Once you get enquiries about jobs you can then look into getting a contract together - you can find a template off the net and customise it. Make sure you know exactly what is in it and what it all means before you get anyone to sign it as they might ask you questions about it, so you'll need to know all the answers off the top of your head if you want to reassure them. A contract inst always a 'one size fits all' thing so some clients might want to customise it.
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