Be gentle its my first forum experience!


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Hey guys I'm pretty new to the world of forums, I’ve been observing the threads from a far, which have been very interesting and helpful so thanks!

My names Adam Hook and I’m starting out as a freelancer in London and looking for work, it appears there is a lot of us out there doing the same.

Would really appreciate a bit of feedback on my site I’ve just finished. Its taken me a while as I had no previous knowledge of building a site, feel free to be a brutal as you like I wont take it to heart.

Hooked on Design - logo design, graphic designer, branding design

Anyway thanks a lot.


Looking nice and fresh - I like it ;)

A little bit of CSS tidying for the top and side navigation and search engines will like it too!

Keep it up.



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Thanks guys!

Salvador can you elaborate on the css tidying, and why would that make search engines like it?

Boss man - i'm on it!