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Hi Fellow Forum Folk,

Well, I have finally braved the queue and visited the exhibition. Damn I am lucky - a ten minute walk (and a one hour queue).

So, here is the link to the long promised pics - I've written text also. I haven't yet linked this page in - so it's an exclusive for this marvellous forum only!!! Minuteman Press Visit Banksy

Further, whilst visiting I picked up five Banksy leaflets for the exhibition. Maybe a collectors item one day (if you find and destroy the thousands already given out). If you want one email your forum user name, I'll announce the first five out the hat (received by tuesday) and will post them to you (because I'm nice like that!).

So enjoy the review. Lots to see, I have just given a small flavour.

Love you all.


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Many thanks for taking the time Peter :icon_thumbup:

The exhibition looks really good, lovin the cooked chickens eating the tomato ketchup :icon_biggrin: