Bad Habits at work...

I know you all pick your noses when nobody is looking, but I was wondering if any of you had what you'd deem a bad habit regarding your work.

I for one never save my workspace layouts, so I'm forever moving boxes, but I'm so indecisive that I'd only end up moving them again anyway. The other noticeable habit I have, is not merging layers in Illustrator, which can get messy, I am a messy person!


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I never merge my illustrator files either and i change my mind too often about my filing system, thus creating lots of frustration
hmm interesting.

I cannot work with my shoes on.. so I take them off all day.. but it's annoying when some director or manager come by and ask, hey you have a sec, come I need to show you something.. and then I bend down and it take a minute or so to put my shoes on and tie up laces,, and on top of it I don't know yet how to tie up laces....:icon_eek:

And the person standing next to me waiting.:icon_blushing:


I get all clogged up after a big lunch, and feel it necessary to let off some SBDs into the air and blame the guy sat next to me..:icon_blushing: