Ay up!!


Hi there, I'm ''Munni''

I've posted on here a couple of times . . .

I'm 23 (not for long :icon_thumbdown:), from West Yorkshire in the north, and have recently finished studying a top-up degree course in graphic design at Leeds Metropolitan Uni. Previous to that I studied an HND in graphics, way down in Birmingham!

I'm currently trying to build myself a website to showcase my work, so don't have a link as yet - watch this space!!
I'm not intending to seek full-time employment as yet, as I'd like to see how the freelance world goes, though I must say if a good opportunity came along - I may be tempted!!

I'm into all graphic design, but have a love for packaging, and more recently, a love for illustration and typography!!

Anyway, I'll give you're poor eyes a rest now!!

Munni :icon_cheers:

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Hi Munni

Already noticed some of your posts and glad you are getting stuck in, good to have you here :icon_thumbup: