Automated import

Ok guys answers at the ready please....
I remember some time ago setting a master page in Indi with the styles/ text boxes linked to cells from an excel document, which went on to produce 60-odd pages with individual data on each.

Now i need to do the same and i can't for the life of me remeber
A: what it's called to look for it in the help window. :icon_sneaky:
B: how the sneck I did it in the first place. :icon_cursing:
C:where my motivation has gone for this project... :icon_Wall:

Answers on a blank postcard or sealed down envelope to the usual address....

Huge thanx to the first (correct) answer pulled out of the post bag at random! :icon_clapping:
Thanks Dd. Did a bit of digging around last night and got the data merge function sorted. Can now set up one indi file with style sheets as a target doc, an excel file with the text and links to images, then it's one quick button press (ok so maybe it's 5 or 6!) and it's time to sit back and let it populate all 240 pages it's self before styling the content!!! Life's a breeze sometimes! would hate to think how long it would take to cut&paste all that info manually!?!?!?!