Artworker to create shapes in Adobe InDesign


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We are looking for an Artworker who has experience with Adobe InDesign to write and typeset Non-verbal Reasoning questions according to set guidelines.

Non-verbal Reasoning (NVR) questions involve drawing, editing and superimposing shapes to create elements, movements, manipulations, patterns and layering.

We can provide a palette of shapes which can be used and manipulated in a creative fashion.

Ten NVR questions are used to make up one exercise. The amount of exercises that we require to be produced may vary. Each question consists of a Test Figure followed by 4 or 5 options (a-d or a-e) with one being the correct answer. The questions must be basic using very few layers of shapes (depending on the required difficulty) so that they are fairly simple to answer. A rule must be written for each question to display the correct answer with a very short explanation.

We would like to pay the creative an agreed fee per exercise, please respond with your quotes based on this.

Thank you.