Artisul D16 vs XP-PEN Artist 16 (for a beginner)


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I read a comparison from 2 years ago that seems to be quite out of date. A lot of the numbers have changed, and I just don't understand any of it. I'm not an artist, it's just a hobby. I don't care if the colours aren't 100% accurate etc. Since then, the price has gone down and where I live D16 is much cheaper now but it has hardly any reviews (and I can't tell how reliable they are) compared to xp-pen which is showered in good reviews. I prefer D16 for the price, having a scroll wheel, and a stand, and I am curious is this the correct choice? I've heard more comments on parallax and jiggers for D16 and not so much for xp-pen.



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Most of us on here will use wacom hardware, as such we can't really comment on the brands you have mentioned.

I would suggest looking on youtube at reviews.


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We had a post like this the other day and that sounded like spam too. I've not heard of half of these brands. I'm fed up of saying just
buy the best Wacom you can afford, but who are we say that we're right? Most of the spec details don't mean much to me either.

There aren't many digital artists on here. If I was in your position I would be looking for reviews on reputable sites such as Digital Arts instead of places like Amazon
where the reviews can't always be trusted, not on a graphic design forum.