Art Director/Creative Director Pathways and Education


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Just out of sheer interest how do people progress to this level,

Im think of doing my MA in Graphic Design, or Graphic Branding and Identity (simply because I'd enjoy doing them), but do CD's have BA's in Business or Advertising or similiar?

Just thinking about maybe one day aiming for one of these, especially when I'm more experienced. (BTW I have a BA in Digital Media, a very broad degree)

Thanks to all who reply!
I think Advertising is a likely BA for a Creative Director to hold. A bit of a mix of business and creativity, or at least that's how I perceived it. I used to teach on a FdA Advertising course and many of the students were aiming to become Art Directors or Copywriters. There was a fair amount of industry studies alongside the creative studies. I taught the digital side of things, so didn't really see much of the contextual stuff.