Are 'free fonts' destroying the art of typography?

I think they're encouraging creativity if anything. I mean, people are always on the hunt for originality, so will want to look for new ways of toying with fonts, and trying new fonts altogether in some cases. I think it's pushing the boundaries for people who want to create their own unique typefaces too.

That said, I have seen many pieces of work floating around the net which destroy my theory, where certain uncredited tutorials have flourished the design world. However, anybody who has visited a few websites can soon spot these clone designs a mile off. I'm all for inspiring techniques, but some people have just plagiarised, which is an ugly occurrence in the industry.

On the whole though, I think free fonts offer people an alternative, and it's up to people on how they use them.

every free font should have a clause whereby the downloader has to delete comic sans as a pre-download check… at least then some good may come of this!
Personally i think theres alot of of free fonts which i think are rubbish, but theres also a lot which i have used myself. I think you really have to search for good free fonts!

Along the same line as this, does anyone know of any decent software which allows you to create your own fonts?
I'm not saying they're all bad, I'm just saying that there's a whole lot more really bad ones then there are good ones.