Are any jobs harder to get than graphic design jobs?

I have an intern set up in Liverpool that I will be starting in August. Of course the thing is there will be no chance of employment from this GD company after. During this internship I will need to find some form of income. I am just curious is finding your basic retail/labor highschool drop out style job to be, just as hard easier or more difficult then finding a GD job?
I should think that looking for alternative income would mean you're open to most things so there will be a much greater choice of jobs to apply for wherever you can see them. That said, the general issue currently seems to be that there aren't enough jobs going around so that's still easier said than done.

If you really want a job though, then I'm sure you will find one.
Minimum wage jobs are hard to get at the moment because skilled/professional people who have lost their jobs in the recession, are also applying for these roles. But, as dedwardp says, if you are willing to work and don't mind what you do, it shouldn't be too hard to get a job.