APT Gym Logo Design

Hi all,

Just thought I'd share a logo I recently designed with you, very proud to see it printed on to a load of shirts last week for the APT Gym in Bromsgrove (Near Birmingham)

Nice, I really like it, though I'm not too keen on the distressed appearance of the APT. Everything else seems so clean in comparison.
Agree with Paul. The 2 don't fit together. Either make the whole lot distressed or none at all.
I feel the 'P' is a bit lost. Looking at the thumbnail or doing the usual lean back, turn my head a bit and half shut my eyes (we all do it) it just looks like A T.

Maybe reverse the P or perhaps it just needs a bit more work on that middle area as a lot of people may not recognise the kettle bell shape. I also agree about the distressing on the letters, it doesn't bring anything to the design.
Fair points guys and thanks for the feedback. The distressed font was taken from the original APT logo which was just the letters in that style so the client wanted to keep that. We also had it printed on a banner with the logo on one side and APT on another side which on its own works better. The banner can be seen here

If we make any changes to the logo I'll definitely be putting your points across to the client thank you again :)