Applying for start up grant


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Hi, I’m based in Loughton, UK and would like to expand my business as I’m currently freelancing.
has anyone had any success applying for a start up grant? How much was it for and whst websites and organisations would you recommend I look at? Thanks :)


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From my (very limited) experience of trying to get a grant (and it was a long time ago), there is usually lots of criteria and stipulations involved. Most of the time you
need to be aiming at putting something back into the community such as jobs or teaching or community projects etc. Or at least have a firm idea of what the money
will be for, ie equipment, training etc. You will often have to put up half the amount or whatever yourself. You'll be expected to submit a business plan etc too.

I would start with your local council or arts council or just search online for your local area to start with. I think there are government grants available too.