App Thumbnail Feedback Requested


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Hi everyone,
I am currently studying a Diploma in Graphic Design and have been asked to get feed back from industry professionals on some thumbnail sketches for a new app i am designing. If anyone can give me feedback it would be very much appreciated. :)
Thumbnail Spread Left Half.jpgThumbnail Spread Right Half.jpg


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I have no idea exactly what it is - but this is exactly the way to start any design.

Well done.

Clear and concise on how you see it working and should be ok for a design/dev team to follow.


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Agree, looks good.

couple of points, the daily specials might confuse people. Maybe only show the current deals.

You have a store finder but this could be hundreds of locations. Maybe have an address lookup which then shows the nearest store. You also need some validation to make sure they can deliver.