Anyone want to pay me to finish it?...


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A few weeks ago I started working on a Sailor Jerry style flyer for a tattoo studio. It all went sour before the client even saw the scamps but I was enjoying the subject so much I continued working up one of the ideas into an illustration. I'm now at a point where it's become so time consuming that I'm losing interest in it. Can anyone make use of it in its current form or want to finance its completion?

No disrespect or anything but am I missing the joke here?

Ummm..... No... Not unless you think that me asking if any other member of the forum can currently make use of what has so far been an extremely time consuming illustration, is funny in anyway.
I can understand why people think this is an odd request. Why not just finish the job and keep it for yourself in your portfolio? No offence but what creative is going to want to pick up someone else's half finished project. Also the chance of someone viewing a graphic design forum that happens to want the exact same project as this doing enough to finance its completion is quite now. I admire your optimism though...
Simply because I need to be working on something that's going to pay rather than something to go in my portfolio.

If you don't ask you don't get and this is a completely free way of trying to re-coup some of the cost of the work.
Fair enough then.