Anyone use Sketch for Mac, I have a question about it


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I tried doing a search, it's not working for me.

I'm interested in Sketch, just curious if I can do logos and simple vector cut out PNG images
like I can in Illustrator, but in Sketch.


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I haven't tried it, always thought it was just a sketching tool for iPad etc, the name is a big misnomer.

Looks interesting. I would download a trial and have a look if I were you. Let us know how you get on.

Paul Murray

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I use Sketch, and really wouldn't recommend it for image/logo work. It has basic pathfinder and deconstruction tools and such like but is mainly intended for UI work. For logos and imagery I use Affinity, or when I really have to, Illustrator.

Be aware that Sketch has a perpetual licensing model which isn't always made clear. Essentially it costs about £90 a year to keep it updated, which isn't too bad. You can, however, buy it once and just never update it again and it will continue to let you use it.


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@Paul Murray Have you ever run into the problem where a client requests the original file expecting a .ai when you have used Affinity?

It's the main issue for me making the switch, as you can never really know whether a client will request an original after completion or sometime in the future.

Paul Murray

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Not really, but I tend to only use Affinity for logos which I can give as other vector formats anyway. Same goes for Sketch, I use it for all my UI/web designs but if it's something someone else will likely work on, then I sulk and fire up Illustrator. Though a lot of studios are now using Sketch alongside Adobe stuff so it's probably not long before it's a more common file format.