Any interview tips? Please...


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I've had a breakthrough....

I've got an interview this week for a Junior Artworker's obviously not graphic design but it's a starter point, isn't it? I hope it is anyway!

Does anyone know what I should expect for the interview and any tips?

I would really appreciate it as I need a confidence boost fast!

Thanks for your input, :icon_thumbup:

We held some interviews for a position a few weeks ago, was the first where we'd been on the other side of the table so to speak, and it was a good learning experience!

Have your portfolio ready to show them, do some proper research into the company, and don't be too arrogant or do too much brown nosing. We decided straight away about one guy, when he went on for 5 minutes about how awesome our company was and how we were going to go far. Lets say he didnt get the job. A little company ego massaging can be good, comment on some work they've done.

Obviously, fully expect them to say "we'll let you know", they're very unlikely to tell you yes there and then, but usually if you get shown around its a good sign!

Overall, be relaxed! Lots of eye contact (in short bursts, don't stare ;) ), sit up straight, basically keep you body language quite open.

Errmm....think thats it!
Great thanks, I'll take some of that onboard and do my best and ultimately be me! Hopefully it'll work out, if not then hey, here's to the next interview! haha
Just be yourself and be HONEST.
Arrogance is an interview killer so don't make out you can do more than you can, but at the same time don't under sell yourself! Tell your interviewees how you are eager to learn and develop in what is obviously a growing company. Don't rush your answers, think about them and then articulate them clearly. Smile, breath and relax!

You are interviewing them just as much as they are interviewing you and if you feel that the job is no good for you and you don't feel that you would fit in then don't be afraid of leaving! Trust you gut instinct and go with the flow. Prepare your portfolio in advance and have a few practice sessions of talking it through this will make you feel more confident.

Good Luck and let us all know how you get along....