Any bloggers out there?


Shameless I know. Trying to get my Blog off the ground really, I was wondering if anyone fancied link sharing in their blogrolls? Network, network :icon_biggrin:
Once you're done, give me a shout. I've had so many ideas for my own blog but it's taken me ages to actually get round to setting it up. A hell of a lot of my site's traffic and keyword hits are coming via my blog though so I can see the massive potential there.

I've found that most of my blog traffic's come via Twitter and Stumbleupon. Twitters great if you can get a few people to re-tweet your recent posts. It's nice to know that the marketing theory actually works.
I have a blog, but still in it's infancy... got some great stuff partially written, just need to pull my finger out and finish them :icon_rolleyes:

Anyways... I will link if you want...
Hi Pete and Helen

Both your blogs looking good, I like the fact you have avatars with your face on also, helps to put a name to a face I think.

Thanks Gareth...... my sentiments exactly... tho my eyes look evil on mine.... snake like... hissssss!